Dumb Kagehina idea that’s been stuck in my head for ages now. Here we go.


Kings!! Sketching Kagayama and Hinata for badges/charms but Kageyama probably won’t fit on a badge orz

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Hello! I just wanted to say that recently your art has been improving a lot!! Keep up the great work~ I was also wondering if there are any artists that you look up to and take reference to technique wise? Could you recomend some?



I don’t really feel like anything has been improving that much but if you say so I’ll trust you!!!!! Thank you!!

But ye, onto the artists thing. UHM I would say my number 1 favourite artist is Ebata Risa! Her character designs are very detailed and her colouring is really the best ;;

BUT UHMM I have a lot of artist that I look up to, but when it comes to techniques and things I haven’t really been looking at any artist specifically for learning tbh!

If it makes sense, sometimes when you stare at a v pro finished piece of work and you want to learn from it, it’s a bit daunting, because you’re too far behind them in terms of technique. And so you can’t really tell what steps were taken to draw the thing…?

So usually I just look at random drawings that I find nice, or a friend’s drawings and then “O!!! lemme try that next time, I think I can handle that!!” and I take note of it and try it out! Like recently I tried to colour my line art! And also I added more little sparkle things on my drawings! Little things like that ww.

But ye! I hope that helps a little ;;

Sinon for Tigera!! Tig drew a Kiriko for me here.

Also there is a gunless version that I posted on twitter.

by PD / tumblr 

My entry for the hxh last episode countdown somewhere in my heart I always hoped they could travel together

Huge thank you for the organisers!

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